The technology innovations delivered by FASORtronics are backed by the decades of experience of its broadly-skilled founders, all of whom are Ph.D.s. It is our experience in laser and optical technology, high-tech engineering and manufacturing, and technology management that make it possible for us to deliver innovative products to our customers. Our goal is to give customers the personal relationship that is possible with a small company while still having the broad skill set and quantity delivery capability of a much larger company.

Our team has a unique set of skills related to the design and manufacture of high power single-frequency lasers, efficient frequency converters, extremely stable and low-noise lasers, and in the automation of highly complex laser systems for robust remote operation. We are broadly skilled in applied physics, computer modeling and simulation, lasers and optics, adaptive optics, optomechanical and electrical engineering, and software design. We continue to look for new and innovative ways to apply our company's expertise to address challenging problems in the world of high-technology manufacturing, science and engineering, energy, national defense, and intelligence.

We seek OEM partnerships or the opportunity to provide an innovative laser product for your challenging project requirements.